Venus and Mars Passing (Conjunction)

Venus and Mars Passing Feb 22, 2024 – An Update

Venus and Mars Passing Feb 22, 2024

Venus and Mars Passing Feb 22, 2024 will be passing each other in the morning sky this week on Feb 22nd.  All week they will be close to each other, but will be closest on the 22nd when they will be 38 arc minutes apart. (a little more than 1/2 degree)

Venus is comming to the end of its morning appearance and will be to close to the sun to see for a few weeks around the time of the Solar Eclipse.

Meanwhile Mars is comming out of it’s opposition, rising earlier each day.  Keep in mind that Mars is on the far side of the Sun and is not all that bright.

Excellent Image by another astronomer

Damian Peach who I follow on Facebook captured a marvelous image of this paring this morning, to see it go to this link Venus and Mars – Feb 22 2024.  Or better still visit his Facebook page and follow him. 

venus mars 2024 02 22dp

It was cloudy in that part of my sky this morning. Sigh!

This weeks Venus Mars conjunction:

One would definitely need to look for this before sunrise,  Venus is above the horizon after 6:45am and by 7:00 am if you have a clear view of the horizon to the SE you should be able to pick it up close to the horizon.   Mars will be close by, on the 22nd to the lower right.

Screenshot 2024 02 17 181833

Don’t forget the dawn is approaching and the sky will be getting brighter.  A pair of binoculars might help you to find Mars. It might look more like this picture:

February 17, 2024
by Roger Nelson

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