All things Astronomical - with a Canadian Perspective

Welcome, On this site we will talk about current events in Astronomy, current events in the sky, announcements about events in Canada and near by, just good and interesting space news.  And note that on this site, we are heavily into the development of new content, when we are working on adding it, expect to see a maintenance notice.  Do not worry we will be back soon. 

Roger Nelson, Editor

Skies at Night

Astronomical Tables that show times for Sunrise and Sunset, Moon rise and Moon Set Plus what planets can be seen and where it the sky.  As an added bonus when you might see the ISS Flyby.
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Astronomy News

More to come

Features & Resources

Links and Information on Useful astronomical resources and websites to help with your astronomical Investigations

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There will be:

Current Space and Astronomy News, Submissions of stories and events in the sky that might be of interest to our readers and other posts and information, that we have gleaned from other sites we review and want to show to our readers.

Resources of use to observers. Links to sites with information for further research and inquiry.  A Portfolio of sky images, submitted by readers, and also instructions on how you might submit your own work.

Subscription service that you can sign-up for and we will send you updates when new information is posted.

And Much Much More!  Just let me think about it.

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